Author Chat With Winsome Campbell

What inspired you to write your book?

Many years ago growing up in Jamaica, before the
notion of becoming an Author blossomed within me, I vowed to become relevant to my generation. I realized that God gave me this gift of language and I wanted
to use it to create something that could help transform the way people think…something that was lasting.  If you read TenLife Changing Lessons you will get a better idea of what I am talkingabout. However, I will say this, that at 15 years old I grew up. I felt I washere for a greater purpose and I wanted to help others. The truth is I have always been dispensing advice to people who have had the privilege to call me a friend.  Then there is the notion of
passion…just that gut wrenching feeling to put it all on paper…the rush I feel
as my fingers type away and how magical it feels when I am done. Loss…you don’t experience what I have and not become a changed woman…life takes on new meaning, every moment is precious, fragile even and I capture it all on paper and the response I have gotten, the people I have met have all made it
worthwhile. It’s beautiful…writing a book that is…

Have you always aspired to be an author?

Yes. Subconsciously I knew I it was meant to be.  I was fixated on the ideawhile I was in high school. My English Teacher was my idol and I was one of her best students. It was during one of her writing sessions that she took my writing seriously and kept encouraging me. It was a great form of expression and still is. My family always assigned me to represent them for any speaking or writing engagements. I love and thank them for that. There were many times when others have asked me randomly but I dismissed the idea. Other times I wrote articles and presentations for others and they were amazingly good but I could not take credit for that. The idea of becoming an author was simply too “revealing” for me. I have always prided myself as a very private person. Now I can share my “ups and downs” of life with people from all over the world and it brings me happiness, joy and in many ways…peace.

How did your journey as an author began?

My journey began while attending University when I wrote a short
Autobiographical essay on my father for a course. My lecturer immediately asked
if I would give her permission to publish it. I told her no. Somehow it was so
personal and I also felt I had “canned” the essence of the story for a grade. I
made a vow then and there that I would do it some justice another time. For
years I have searched endlessly through my books and papers for that essay and
I still cannot find it. Still the story remains the same and I did open up to
my readers about it in Ten Life Changing Lessons. Stories like that were meant to live on.


Who should read your books and why?

My books Ten Life Changing Lessons, The Perks Of A
Positive Attitude: A Practical Guide To Happiness And Success, and  Fabulosity Is You an
are for both women and men who are ready to reprogram the way they think about life, happiness and success. If women are ready to live a purpose-driven life, to take control over any situation that has hindered them from happiness and success, to be bold, confident, fabulous and empowered, then my books are for them. There are many young adults who deserves more than a second chance. Maybe all their life, they were told they were a “failure” and this has negatively impacted the way they think about themselves. They are the people I really want to read my books. My books are not for those who “know” or think they have already figured it out. The truth is there are millions of people who are still searching for books like mine. Its one thing to pick up a book but can you
really relate to it. My books drip with compassion and a true desire to help is
what I aim to do. What set my books apart is that my story is real, it happened
and instead of allowing a negative situation to get the best of me I turned it into
something worthwhile. Today I am a stronger woman because of it and I am
extremely proud of the woman I have become.


Any plans for a fifth book?

Absolutely! I have several projects I am working on concurrently.
My fifth book is almost near completion to be published soon. I am also
finalizing the details for a sixth and a seventh. So far I am very happy with
my progress and I have been doing exceptionally well. There is something deeply
satisfying about it all. I am happy because my message is out there empowering
people and the best reward is when someone sends me a message, leaves a review,
email, tweet or post on my Facebook page of how much I have inspired and
uplifted them. You can always expect great books from meJ


What are some upcoming projects you are involved

I have many new and exciting projects coming up. As I mentioned
before my 5th and 6th book is in the works. My most immediate project is I will be doing my part to build awareness and recognizing International Women’s Day on Friday March 8, 2013 by offering my book Fabulosity Is You: A Woman’s Guide For Building Her Confidence, Fashion Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Skin Care Secrets, Relationships and Pursuing Her Purpose FREE to ALL WOMEN. This huge online event will run for TWO FULL days ending on March 9, 2013. My book is my gift to you and please share, tweet, like and invite all your family and friends to get their copy. This powerful guide teaches women how to be confident, how to build their self-esteem, how to overcome heartache, how to live a life of abundanceand love, and how to rediscover your purpose no matter your marital status,age, or creed. In this book I also share my own personal experience of love,relationships and marriage, which many women can relate to.

I do have BIG plans for my existing books and will release the specific
details via my website I am taking my books International and they will become accessible to everyone. My
message speaks of BOLDNESS, CONFIDENCE, PURSUING PURPOSE and EMPOWERMENT and I intend to let the world know that. For me it’s more than just writing books. I have always had every intention of writing them and I have every intention of motivating and inspiring young women, mature women or men to greatness. Follow my social pages on Twitter, Facebook, etc and join me as I continue this amazing journey.


What do you want readers to gain from reading
your book?

No matter who you are or what you are going through, you have power
over the situation. To the many young people out there who are seeking answers
to situations that they see as hopeless, I remind them over and over to let go
of any limiting beliefs of themselves. There is no such thing as “failure” only
“setbacks” which will lead to greater opportunities. Be confident in who you
are, set your goals and pursue purpose. You have a greatness within you that is more powerful than you know. Trust your instincts, appreciate what you have, enjoy the moments and never ever give up.Follow your dreams. Be willing to place into your imagination anything that you would like to manifest and be unwilling to place anything in your imagination that you do not want to manifest. So, don’t think, “I’m sick” or “I’m
poor.” Contemplate yourself as if surrounded by the conditions in which
you have your greatest desire and it will come to be.

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Anything else you want us to know?

A BIG THANK YOU for your support so
far. It means a lot. Thanks for liking my page. I hope to hear from you and I
truly hope you enjoy reading my lovely books.

One Love, Winsome Campbell-Green


Author Interview with Jodie Pierce “The Vampire Queen”

Demise of the Vampire Queen_mockup01.jpg


Tell us about your latest novel?  

Demise of the Vampire Queen is about The Vampire Queen who is once again ruling her subjects only this time it is a school for the ‘different’ children in Scotland. A school full of vampires, witches, warlocks, elves and fairies, one that is feared and hated by all who attend. A new group of witches and warlocks show up to her gates and cause all kinds of havoc within the school. Vampires and witches are at odds and only a few can see the survival of the school. An ancient lover and the Queen are reunited but at what costs? A new, as well as an old lover unite to attempt to take the Queen off her throne. Will it work? Will the Queen maintain her horrendous rule over the students? Can the spells woven work and change history? All will be told in the end.


What inspired you to write your book? 

 I already had book 1 & 2 done and decided I wanted to have a trilogy and tie up some lose ends from the first two books.

 What motivates you as an author?

  My dreams. I often have dreams about sequences in my books. Also, my hubby motivates me. The story I’m working on now is from his latest idea.


Do you have any advice or comments for upcoming Authors?

Don’t give up. Keep plugging along and your dreams will come true.


Thus far, what is your greatest accomplishment concerning your book?

Just getting traditionally published is my biggest accomplishment. That means that someone in the book business saw potential in my books and liked them.

What is next for you and your book? Any exciting projects?

I’m done with my Vampire Queen trilogy. I am actually working on two stories now. One was a short story I wrote a few years ago that I’m brushing off and expanding on. The second, as I said came from an idea from my hubby.

As an author, what has your greatest challenge been?

Self-promotion. Even though I was published traditionally, they did no promoting for me so I had to learn about it and start doing it myself. That was very difficult.

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Interview With Jamie Marchant, Author of “The Goddess’s Choice”

Tell us about your latest novel

The Goddess’s Choice is an adult epic
fantasy novel set in the kingdom of Korthlundia. The crown princess Samantha
fears she’s mad; no one but she sees colors glowing around people. The peasant
Robrek Angusstamm believes he’s a demon; animals speak to him, and
his healing powers far outstrip those of his village’s priests. Despite their
fears about themselves, their combined powers make them the goddess’s choice to rule the kingdom of Korthlundia.  Samantha’s
ability enables her to discern a person’s character through their multi-colored
aura, and Robrek’s makes him the strongest healer the kingdom has seen in
centuries. But their gifts also endanger their lives. Royals scheme to usurp
the throne by marrying or killing Samantha, and priests plot to burn Robrek at
the stake. Robrek escapes the priests only to be captured by Samantha’s
arch-enemy, Duke Argblutal; Argblutal intends to force the princess to marry
him by exploiting Robrek’s powers. To save their own lives and stop Argblutal
from plunging the realm into civil war, Robrek and Samantha must consolidate
their powers and unite the people behind them.The
Goddess’s Choice
  is loosely based on a Norwegian fairy tale, “The Princess and the Glass Hill.” Though myfavorite fairy tale as a child, it disturbed me that the female character has no name and no role other than being handed off as a prize. My novel remakes he crown princess of Korthlundia into a strong heroine who is every bit as likely to be the rescuer as the one rescued.

What inspired you to write your book?

 The Goddess’s Choice originates deep within my childhood. My sister
Jalane–she is ten years older than me–told me stories, fairy tales
mostly:  “Midas and His Golden Touch,” “Little Red Riding
Hood,” “Hansel and Gretel.” But my favorite was always “The
Princess and the Glass Hill” or “The Glass Mountain” as my
sister titled it. I had her tell that story over and over again. I was
captivated by the bold hero on his magical horses of bronze, silver, and gold.

When I had a child of my own, I wanted to pass that fairy tale on. My son,
Jesse, loved it every bit as much as I had. One day after telling it to him, it
came to me that the story could be so much more than five pages and sparse
details. However, I didn’t want to write a children’s story but the type of
epic fantasy I enjoy as an adult. I upped the dramatic tension, villainy, and
sexuality of the piece to create something far different than the original
fairy tale. The Goddess’s Choice is  intended for an adult audience.

What motivates you as an author?

 The characters that live inside my head. They clamor to come out, to be
created on paper. I feel happiest when I’m writing and letting their voices be
heard. It’s an exhilarating experience.

Do you have any advice or comments for upcoming Authors?

First, read a lot. You can’t hope to be a good writer if you aren’t first an avid reader. Second, join a writers’ group to get feedback.
Family and friends are too biased and won’t always be honest with you. If you
can’t find a group in your area, there are plenty online. Make sure you’ve
written the best book possible before you rush to publish it. Then be prepared
to promote, promote, promote.

5.)Thus far, what is your greatest accomplishment concerning
your book?

Finding a publisher.

6.)What is next for you and your book? Any exciting

The sequel, tentatively titled The Soul Stone, is nearly finished. Then there is the third volume of the trilogy and another book set in the same world but outside the trilogy that focuses on the character of Darhour, the captain of Samantha’s personal guard. I also have an urban fantasy novel in the works, titled The
Bull Riding Witch.

As an author, what has your greatest challenge been?

The biggest challenge was having originally written The Goddess’s Choice as a 320,000 word story. That was far too long for anyone to publish. I had to cut the story nearly in half to make it a publishable length. It took some hard work and
sacrifice, but I think the result is better than the monumental original.

Where can readers buy your book?


Barnes and Noble:

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Twitter: @RobrekSamantha



Book Review of BlackBoogiemen

This review of my book was provided by

Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget
Amazon: Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle
Book Depository: Hardcover | Paperback

Change … or the black boogiemen will get you.

The book in one sentence: A man strikes out to change black America.

Synopsis of Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget: This book follows Dr. Trenton Branch, a scientist whose extremely meager upbringing came from his grandmother and the cruel inner city streets. He grows to become a world renowned biochemist, living in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. One miserable day while visiting his old neighborhood a calamity occurs; this incites the rage of a rabid pit bull within Dr. Branch. He then unites a group of men, waging war against the inner city in an attempt to excise all of its demons. Sparking what some called the “Civil War of 2020” this controversial story touches on all of the untold secrets of black America, while providing a fast past, page turning tale of violence and knowledge.

My two cents: Everyday, people desire change. Many don’t do anything about it, content to let others take on the burden. Most of us do what we can, in very small ways, to make a difference in their own spheres. Then there is that rare and often charismatic person who is able to instigate long-lasting, radical change. This very premise of the book is what initially drew me to it.

The prologue sets us up to imagine an alternate reality in the not-so-distant future, an America where rich white families are courting a dominantly black inner school city school for a spot in the prestigious school. Impossible? The author proposes this to be a prophecy rather than fiction; this story shows us how one man sets out to do just that.

Trenton Branch is a successful black man. He has a beautiful family, holds a prestigious job as a scientist, and lives in the wealthy suburbs. He has escaped his poor beginnings and the bleak fate of many of his contemporaries. But his cushy life takes a tragic turn. A righteous rage is awakened in him and he goes on a rampage to effect change, vowing that a tragedy like his would never happen again.

Branch lays out his plans — a grand and highly systematic plan — of cleaning up the inner city of Missouri. With a handful of men, he starts a revolution. People tired of their circumstances and hungry for change, rally behind him and there is a huge groundswell of support.

But there is a dark and sinister side to this change. Does the end justify the means? Does change always have to come at such a high price? Is this the working of a man gone mad? What has compelled people to buy into the madness? Will this utopia last? You’ll want to find out — I could not put it down once I started!


Piaget talks as an insider, as one who has experienced and lived it, giving this book an authentic and credible voice. He attacks the problems that plague black America — poverty, crime, teen pregnancy, drug addiction. He worries about lack of respect for elders. On a deeper level, he pinpoints how the lack of self-respect felt by the black for their own has only perpetuated the stereotypes many have of the black community at large.

This book is meant to shock. I think the reason it shocked — and even scared me — is that many of the horrors are extremely realistic and are actually happening in our streets today. There are many incidences of brutality and violence very graphically described; and the depiction of the effects of drug addiction and ultimately withdrawal are very real. The prescription for “cleaning house” reads like something out of a horror movie or more aptly referenced in the book — out of the Holocaust.

Piaget’s passion and hope for change is obvious, as he builds his case for effecting change through his main character’s mindset as he outlines his grand plan for change. This author definitely has an agenda: he wants to shock us out of our comfortable lives, look around us, look within ourselves, and think about how to help in making change happen. (He talks a little more about this in his guest post My Kim Kardashian Epiphany)

I found Piaget’s focus on changing the educational system with some very concrete ideas, an interesting and compelling proposition.

Unexpectedly, there was also a funny moments in this book. How about getting people to change the current fad of sagging pants? Or references to popular celebrities (there’s a Wizard Johnson in the book)? Thank goodness for some levity in an otherwise grim book.


This book would benefit from a good editor. At the least, I kept running into typos that just grated on my nerves. For example: Yet their attention was held far more easily with Deak’s flare. (p. 215). Flare – flair. Neigh – NAY! It was a distraction from the story line!

More seriously, the language is extremely uneven throughout. In many sections it reads like it were out of a textbook with its very academic language. For example, the beginning with the slew of statistics which spans several pages, the use of technical terms like “recidivism rate,” or simply unusual and unnecessary use of frilly words like He pulled out the tiny flashlight and actuated the tiny instrument (p. 194). (Come on, have you ever actuated a flashlight?)

Then suddenly it turns into crude street slang — bruh, mercked, liberal use of the f word, the n word, among others. This may have been intentional to bring some shock value and a realism to the dialogue. This is also very obviously written for the black community with its use of language, its many references to popular black culture and history and the many insider stories. But to one not from this community, I personally found this jarring juxtaposition very off putting, and I may not have picked up on the nuances of many of these subtle references. I am curious to hear what others have to say about this.

Verdict: Bold, provoking and controversial … an unputdownable read about challenging and changing the state of black America. (Read with an open mind. This may offend some readers with its graphic language and violence).


If raised in another environment, I would have definitely been a nerd.

I’ve recently revisited an interview in which I made the aforementioned statement. The interview was all encompassing and full of great witticisms, yet the owner of the website grabbed that statement out of many others. She then used that quote as the title of the interview. It apparently was a great idea for it encouraged many web browsers to take a peek. But it got me to wandering, why would I make such a remark. Well I guess I should explain why I feel that if I had been raised in another environment, I would have definitely been a nerd.
First off, where was I raised? Inner city, St. Louis Missouri, Born in the seventies. I really hate divulging details of my life, not because I am ashamed, but because it is such a cliché. Anyway, I was born to a teen mother, and my father was absent (oooh, big shock), in turn I was raised by my grandmother (again so typical). We were poor, probably impoverished, so was everyone else in my neighborhood. This is my point: the area I lived in lacked the resources I needed to support my abilities and tendencies.
Natural Scientist: Growing up, I differed from most of my neighborhood friends. I had the typical boyish impulses of course. I ran, I jumped, and I giggled when girls checked the box marked “yes”. But again, there was a side of me that most people could not understand. Things I did that were never repeated nor supported in my neck of the woods. Activities I performed to entertain myself as a child that everyone else saw as extremely peculiar. Yet if I had been raised in an environment privy of my nature and my propensities, my natural proclivities could have been nurtured by those learned individuals.
For instance, as a child I loved science… all aspects. I loved biology, anatomy, chemistry. But without anyone to share this love of science, and no funds to purchase any equipment, I had to improvise. What I did next may be hard to imagine, but I would build my own chemistry sets from refuse I’d abscond from various dumpsters. Try to imagine a 7-8 year old boy jumping from dumpster to dumpster gathering all different types of solution filled containers. Paint thinner, jerry-curl activator, oil, facial solutions, cleaning solutions… anything I felt would help in my endeavor. I’d then combine the solutions in differing quantities taking notes on how the different samples would affect the neighborhood insect population. This was crazy… this was science!
Though the adults in the neighborhood (including my family) saw this innate scientific affinity, no one fed my passion. No one took me to the magic house, no one took me to the zoo… actually I was paid absolutely no attention. In one of the most dangerous cities in the country, I was left to fend for myself, learn the world for myself, and do these things while watching my friends disappear (death or incarceration). In a situation as such you soon learn to discern the difference between necessity and desire. My desires were never sated. Survival was my youth and necessity was my security blanket. These are not complaints… simply facts. I now understand and know why I didn’t receive the academic nurturing I should’ve and place blame on no one. But the fact remains that had I been born in another environment, with the proper guidance, mental stimulation, and free of life threatening situations… I would have certainly been a nerd. To be continued… stay tuned.


Evan Bollinger: The Followers

Welcome Author Evan Bollinger! He has written 3 books, his latest is called, “The Followers”. Here is a short synopsis about his book:

“The Followers” is a short story that’s been a long time coming. It traces back to those nostalgic days of childhood, when the sun seemed brighter, the trees livelier, and the very air itself a living, talking being. I have always been the reflective type, walking about the real world, and losing myself in the other one–that one before my mind’s eye. The Followers tracks one suburban day in the life of a young boy, recounted years later as the haunting memory is still fresh, still real.

The journey that ensues explores the nature of our own world in ways most often ignored. The Followers is not only a tale of human existence, of the realities that intersect in the most subtle of ways–it is a foray into the psyche. The entities that pervade this young man’s world and mind are as much a product of his imagination as any moving, breathing human; a rift in universes similar and unfathomable.

How far down the rabbit hole will you go?
Connect with Evan:


Checkout his book!


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